Branch Locator

The Hello World New Media Services Branch Locator Facebook application adds functionality and value to your business Facebook page by allowing clients to search for a local store or branch from within Facebook.

This application directs people to your place of business, and is a great tool for assisting clients to find their nearest branch, and allowing you to target your marketing to specific regions.

This affordable application comes with a dashboard from where you can effortlessly manage all branch information seen by your clients.


  • Guide your clients to their closest branch with the easy to use wizard interface
  • Optional functionality that requires visitors to “Like” your Facebook page before being able to search for branch information
  • Our secure management dashboard gives you access to:
    • Set up new branches  
    • Update existing branch information     
    • Search or browse branches
  •  Branch information includes:
    • Branch name      
    • Physical address   
    • Contact details       
    • Email address   
    • Website address  
    • Image or logo
    • Link to the branch’s location on Google maps
  • You are able to add the link to each branch’s Facebook and Twitter pages, enabling your clients to easily find in-house specials, promotions, products and other information relevant to their area
  • Allocate you branches to countries, regions and categories to make it as easy as possible for your clients to find their nearest branch
  • Our Branch Locator is available with a standard clean, white interface, or for a more professional image we can customize the look of the application to align in with your corporate identity