Competition Application

Running competitions on your Facebook page is a highly effective way to create a buzz and engage fans. However, a vast number of businesses and brands violate Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines, thereby running the risk of having their pages deactivated completely.

According to the Facebook Guidelines, promotions on Facebook must be administered within a 3rd party application. Administration includes the operation of any element of the promotion, such as collecting entries, conducting a drawing, judging entries, or notifying winners.

Further to that, using Facebook for competitions and promotions presents the following problems:

  • Currently, mobile users are unable to view applications or interact with them on Facebook. This means that even if you company complies with Facebook’s requirements and runs the competition inside a 3rd party application, you still will not be able to reach mobile users. With half of Facebook’s 4.5 million South African users accessing the site via mobile devices, this is a huge number of people that remain out of reach
  • Facebook does not allow the use of any standard features, for example “like” and “comment on this”, as an entry into your competition
  • You are not permitted to use Facebook to notify winners, neither through a private message, nor via your wall nor their wall.  Therefore, if you have not collected entrant’s contact details as part of your competition, you will not be able to notify winners.

Hello Word New Media Services offers the perfect solution to the above problems. Our Facebook competition application allows you to promote your brand’s Facebook page with competitions while being compliant with all Facebook Promotions Guidelines.  This Facebook competition application will also ensure that your competition is accessible to mobile users and complies with the South African Consumer Protection Act (CPA).

Facebook Competition Application Specifications

  • Mobile users will be able to enter your Facebook page competition
  •  Set up and change the competition title, text, image, and form fields yourself with our easy to use wizard
  • Various layout options available
  • Get a short URL (website link address) to easily promote your competition on your Facebook page  
  • Select the format of the competition question: multiple choice, text answer, or image upload   
  • You have the option to capture the name, email address and telephone number of entrants, enabling you to contact the winner  
  • Add your own terms and conditions, and force entrants to accept these as part of their entry 
  • The required Facebook disclaimer will be included with each competition    
  • There is an option to force entrants to “Like” your Facebook page before entering a competition
  • Entrants are able to subscribe to your newsletter (optional)    
  • Option to restrict entries to one per person, or allow multiple entries
  • Export the details of entries in *.csv format (this can be imported into MS Excel)    
  • Login via a secure dashboard and search or browse all entries     
  • View on-going, real-time statistics of competition entries 
  • Choose whether you want to automatically or manually select the winning entry

Already have a Facebook application? But does it have an SSL certificate? Did you know that due to recent changes in Facebook’s security requirements all 3rd party applications need to run on a domain with an SSL certificate? This means that your apps currently running on your Facebook page will soon stop working.  Hello World New Media Services can provide you with SSL hosting such that all applications comply with Facebook’s security requirements.