Find us on Facebook (fOfb)

These days, clients want more than just being able to read about your business on a static company website. They want to get to know you, and want to have a relationship with your brand. That’s why Find us On Facebook (fOfb) makes perfect business sense. Typing in your domain name (website address) will take users straight to your company’s Facebook page. With one click of the ‘Like’ button, your company name and logo will immediately be posted to the users Facebook page for all their friends to see.


  • Create Facebook page for your business or update your existing profile 
  • Add a welcome page application to your Facebook page – this is the first thing new visitors to your business Facebook page will see, and they will be prompted to “Like” your page. See our “Pimp Your Page” package to further customise your Welcome Page
  • Register your domain name, for instance:
    (If you already have your own domain name, we will transfer it to our servers). When a client types in your website address, they will then automatically be directed to your business Facebook page.
  • In addition to hosting your domain, we will also set-up and host 10 email addresses for you, e.g.
  • you will be listed on the Find us On Facebook directory (


There are 4.8 million Facebook users in South Africa alone. On average, each one of these users is connected to around 80 business Facebook pages (also known as fan pages) comprising various brands and groups. 


  • Your fans (people who like your business on Facebook) receive instant updates and news
  • Your Facebook page doubles as an up-to-date database of potential clients
  • You are able to interact with your fans, build relationships, get customer feedback and source new leads
  • On Facebook, your business has a face and your brand becomes more personal
  • The fact is, people will talk about your business online. Being on Facebook gives your company the opportunity to be part of the interaction and to create a positive brand image.