Find Us on Facebook+ (fOfb+)

Why settle for a traditional website when Facebook brings your brand to life for an audience that wants to interact with you?
fOfb+ is a simple concept with unlimited potential. Get your business noticed and establish your social media footprint with branded pages on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and listings on BizCommunity. fOfb+ is our premium Facebook package and will give your business the ultimate boost to your online presence.


In addition to all the benefits of fOfb described above, the fOfb+ also offers you:

  • A welcome page application on Facebook and a customized background and landing page for Twitter & YouTube
  • A new (or updated) business Twitter profile and YouTube channel with a custom background showcasing your brand.
  • Plus we will list your company profile on BizCommunity


There are 4.8 million Facebook users and over 2 million tweets per month in South Africa alone. On, more than 3,3 million website pages are viewed, and over 350,000 people visit this site each month.


  • Fans and followers receive instant updates through your social media channels
  • Your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn pages are a database of potential clients
  • You are able to interact directly with your fans, get customer feedback and source new leads
  • Build your company’s profile by listing on BizCommunity 
  • Build relationships with customers and fans on various social networks
  • Integrate and maximize your social media strategy by being visible on various platforms