A company website should entail more than just a few pictures and contact details. The internet has evolved into a multibillion dollar marketing machine where people expect websites to current, interactive and a one-stop source for everything they want to know about your business.

At Hello World New Media Services we specialise in database-driven websites and digital communication solutions; systems that put the business owner in control of information, and how it gets shared on the company website. Through easy-to-use, custom-written interfaces, your website content can be updated, and sms and email communications can be sent to customers. Furthermore, a central, offsite company database can be kept up to date to easily share information between branches.  All this is made possible using the ColdFusion platform by Adobe.

At Hello World New Media Services we have more than a decade of combined experience in:

  • application development
  • computer programming
  • project management
  • below the line marketing
  • sales
  • event planning
  • customer relationship management
  • the retail industry


  • Information Websites
  • Mobile (Mobi) Websites
  • Functional Interactive Websites